Tons of New iPod Goodies from Griffin Technology

Tons of New iPod Goodies from Griffin Technology


Griffin Technology has posted tons of new goodies for the iPod on their website. One my favorites would have to be the BlueTrip.

The BlueTrip is a 2 piece Bluetooth transmitter/receiver that hooks up to your iPod and transmits to your base station connected to your stereo. this allows streaming of high-quality audio quality to your high-quality home stereo. Don’t get me wrong, the FM tuner is great when it works, but this bad boy should be uninterrupted high quality sound.

Other products include:

* XpressStand, a table top stand for the Airport Express
* SmartDeck, an “intelligent” tape adapter for iPod
* Dock800, a Firewire 800 cable for dockable iPods
* BlueTrip, wireless bluetooth audio for iPod
* AirClick, a US$39.99 remote control for your Mac, iPod or iPod mini
* LapelMic, stereo microphone
* TuneJuice, an iPod backup battery
* FireWave, surround sound for Firewire capable Macs
* RocketFM, a USB based FM transmitter for the Mac