Macworld Conference and Expo This Week

Macworld Conference and Expo This Week


It’s going to be another busy week at MobileMag! Last week was nuts with the Consumer Electronics Show, expect this week to be the same. We will try and bring you up to date on every single iPod add-on! Just kidding, I am sure there are lots more things on the table from Apple.

What to expect? Well, there have been many rumors flying around the Internet.

– The headless Mac: an entry level Mac without a display aimed at PC users that have been too afraid to go Apple due to the crazy prices.

– iPod Phone; Who knows if we will see this, maybe it’s just a pipedream for many Apple fans, but who knows, I’ve seen crazier things.

– Flash based iPod: Basically an iPod with expandable memory through the use of SD cards or some other tiny media.

– Gadgets for your iPod; I am sure there will be no shortage of these gadgets. It seems like this Christmas all I heard was iPod this iPod that! Defiantly the year of the iPod at over 4,000,000 sold in the last quarter of 2004.

– Garage Band 2: New version of Apples music editing software designed for OS X.

Well, lets just say its going to be a messy and exciting week!