New KTFT MP3 Phone Announced In Korea

New KTFT MP3 Phone Announced In Korea


KTFT announced a new MP3 camera phone today in Korea. The phone, the KTF-X7000 features a 1.3 mega pixel camera and a MP3 player with, what I think, is 128mb built in. The website is in Korean and, well, I am not!

The phone has been dubbed by the company as “the affordable Mp3 phone”. The company spoke to Telecoms Korea stating that “It is true that many customers hesitated to buy MP3 phones due to high prices. We made MP3 phones more accessible and affordable to people.”

No word on if the phone will ever make it to North America in some form, but we will keep you posted! I have been looking for a cheap MP3 phone for quite some time now, but I think I will hold off until something with substantial storage comes out. iPhone maybe? I can only dream!

Check out KTFT’s website for more info (warning, Korean).