Motorola Ojo: Personal Video Phone

Motorola Ojo: Personal Video Phone


Motorola debuts their personal videophone at CES2005. Looking like something out of Demolition Man, the Ojo will allow friends and family connect face to face.

The Ojo uses the h.264 MPEG-4 coding standard enabling transmission of 30 frames-per second video with audio at rates as low as 110 Kbps. This means, everyone with that darn slow upload cap through their DSL/Cable provider will be able to use the phone seemlessly. You might have to shut down your BitTorrent transfers though!

For audio, the Ojo uses the iLbc audio codec.

Motorola put together a website that makes me feel like I’m the star in some future action flick. Check out the site here. They have online demos and 3D product views available.

See press release below.

Motorola Ojo™ Personal Videophone Changes the Face of Personal Communication

Ushering in a new era of video telephony for the “connected home,” the highly-anticipated Motorola Ojo Personal Videophone makes its debut at the 2005 International CES

LAS VEGAS – 6 January 2005 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today ushered in a dynamic new era of video communication by announcing the debut of the highly-anticipated Motorola OjoTM Personal Videophone. The first consumer product to bring video telephony out of the future and into the Connected Home, Motorola Ojo connects friends, family or business associates by bridging physical distance with real-time, face-to-face communication.

The announcement was made at the 2005 International CES trade show, held January 6-9. in Las Vegas.

The Motorola Ojo Personal Videophone (Model PVP1000) transmits full-motion video with synchronized audio over a high-speed Internet connection. A 2005 International CES “Best of Innovations in Design and Engineering” honoree, Motorola is showcasing Ojo at Booth #8545 as part of its retail solutions for the Connected Home. Motorola partnered with Worldgate Communications, Inc. to develop and bring Ojo to market.

“Tonight, the company that invented the cell phone has once again redefined personal communications. The Motorola Ojo Personal Videophone seamlessly connects people separated by physical distance, letting them see and share real-life experiences right as they happen,” said John Burke, Motorola corporate vice president and general manager, consumer entertainment solutions. “With our heritage in delivering broadband services to the home, our leadership in designing personal communications devices, and our strong brand name, Motorola is poised to drive the widespread adoption of video telephony for consumers.“

Personal Experiences – Real Life in Real Time
The Motorola Ojo provides a seamless user experience for any two people who need to connect visually. No matter where the memory is being made, Motorola Ojo can put you there:

SIGNIFICANT LIFE EVENTS – From a child’s lost tooth to a lonely call home from college, Motorola Ojo can help you share important moments.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS – Provide personal attention to a valued client, even from thousands of miles away.

LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS – Temporary assignments away from home, cross-country romances, and more — Motorola Ojo provides warm, personal contact when there is physical distance between loved ones.

To demonstrate the many powerful ways Ojo can connect people, Motorola has produced real-life scenarios that demonstrate the benefits of video telephony. These “Ojo-sodes” can be viewed online at

Award-Winning Technology Innovations and Design Features
The Motorola Ojo Personal Videophone is packed with intuitive features that enable real life, real-time video communications, including:

EASY TO USE –Motorola Ojo easily connects to your high-speed Internet and telephone lines and is immediately ready to send or receive calls. There are no user names, passwords, or login procedures to learn.

FULL MOTION VIDEO – Motorola Ojo captures and sends full motion video at 30 frames per second, motion that’s near broadcast-TV quality. The audio remains tightly synchronized to the video, even as the transmission travels over the Internet.

INNOVATIVE PRODUCT DESIGN – The innovative, stylish and functional design makes it a perfect addition to any room in the home, from the kitchen to the office. The elevated (eye-level), portrait-oriented LCD digital display (7”diagonal) and camera placement create an experience that is natural and true-to-life.

ON-SCREEN CONTROLS – The on-screen menu system makes it easy to make calls and manage a contact list. During calls, the display features a small self-viewer, to see how you are positioned in front of the camera, and know exactly what the other party is viewing.

ADVANCED MESSAGING FEATURES – Since Motorola Ojo includes a display and camera, callers will be able to leave both video and audio messages. Images can also be attached to any contact in the phone book, enabling picture caller ID.

INTEGRATED CORDLESS PHONE – Use the integrated cordless handset to make voice-only calls using either the public service telephone network (PSTN) or a voice-over-IP (VoIP) network. Motorola Ojo also includes a high-quality, full-duplex speaker phone with advanced noise reduction, automatic gain control and echo cancellation.

Cutting-Edge Broadband Technology
For video calls, Motorola Ojo uses a state-of-the-art optimization of the advanced MPEG-4 coding standard (H.264), which enables transmission of 30 frames-per-second video with synchronized audio at data rates as low as 110 Kbps.

This allows Motorola Ojo to work within the upstream data rates for both DSL and cable broadband networks, and ensures that existing broadband infrastructures can handle the video phone traffic. For audio, Ojo uses the iLbc audio codec.

Ojo supports industry standards, including session initiation protocol (SIP) and network-based call signaling (NCS), making the product interoperable with video phones provided by other manufacturers, as well as other devices that can be used for video communications, such as PC-based applications.

Easy to Get Started
The Motorola Ojo™ Personal Videophone makes it easy to share moments over long distances with the people important to you. Ojo has a MSRP of $799 and requires a high-speed Internet connection from a cable or DSL broadband provider. Monthly service fees apply.

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