Garmin Announces it’s New StreetPilot c330

Garmin Announces it’s New StreetPilot c330


Garmin announced its new StreetPilot c330 today. This GPS mobile navigation unit features a touch screen interface, automatic route calculation, and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions. This WAAS enabled GPS has a 3.5-inch color screen, integrated speakers, and a lithium-ion battery. As most of the controls will be handled through the screen, the device only has 2 solid buttons, one for the volume and one to turn it on/off. The unit will also have the ability to change faceplates to better match your car’s interior.

Pricing and Availability

The C330 should be available in March for a price of $964.27 (I hope I have the correct change at the time). On second thought, I will just buy a map and have my girlfriend imitate a robot voice when I need to turn. I can’t afford that!

For more info, check out Garmin’s site.