Toshiba Plans to Introduce Gigashot Video/Still Cameras

Toshiba Plans to Introduce Gigashot Video/Still Cameras


Toshiba plans to introduce Video/Still cameras to their new line of GigaStyle products. Just like the gigabeat players, the Gigashot cameras will use Toshiba’s own mini-hard drives. Users will be able to record JPG or MPEG-2 files directly onto the unit without having to buy DVD’s or tapes. The devices will plug directly into your computer so you can drag and drop the pictures/movies right onto your desktop. Toshiba plans to release more details later this year with and anticipated fall ship date.

Check out the snipped from a press release announced today.

See press release below.

gigashot(TM) — Video without any media to buy

Later this year Toshiba will also proudly introduce the gigashot family of Video /Still Cameras. Like the new gigabeat portable audio players, gigashot will be hard drive based models that will use some of the most innovative storage devices in the marketplace. gigashot will combine a high quality video camera with a still camera all in one easy to use package. Using MPEG-2 video, gigashot let’s consumers transfer their home movies directly without conversion onto DVD via their DVD recorder or PC. Designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, and thanks to the Toshiba developed .85″ and 1.8″ hard drives, the entire gigashot family of camcorders will be small and easy to carry while providing the user with the most recording options.
The gigashot series of hard drive based camcorders will ship in the fall of this year. Detailed features, specifications and suggested retail prices will be announced later this year.