The Fossil PDA Watch Is Back!

The Fossil PDA Watch Is Back!


Last year in January, we announced that Fossil was scrapping their PalmOS PDA watch. Well, now they are back, and shipping!

Fossil’s WRIST PDA runs on the Palm OS v4.1 platform and will run most Palm OS applications. It features an illuminated 1.4-inch, 160 x 160 pixel 16 level grayscale with backlight touch screen display. The stylus is integrated into the watch band for Graffiti input. The watch runs on a 33 MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ processor, with 2MB internal memory. Features are; a Rocker switch user interface, infrared port, rechargeable battery (4 day life based on an average use of 30 minutes per day), and the classic Palm OS applications including: Address Book, Date Book, Memo Pad, Calculator and To Do List.

The device also has USB for connecting to your PC.

You can order them online at Fossil’s website for a price of $249.99 US.