Store-It: 4GB Personal Pocket Storage Device from Pexagon

Store-It: 4GB Personal Pocket Storage Device from Pexagon


Pexagon Technology introduced their Store-It personal pocket 4GB storage device today. The device will work with both Windows and Mac operating systems through a USB 2.0 connection. The device uses the ever-so-popular 4GB Hitachi Microdrive to store all your goodies.

The device will weigh around 55 grams and will measure 54mm x 89mm x .15mm.


The anticipated street price of the 4GB Store-It drive is $199.99.

See press release below.

Pexagon Technology today introduced Store-It(TM), the first USB 2.0 personal storage device to employ a 4GB Hitachi Microdrive as its storage medium. The drive is designed for ease of use and is plug-and-play compatible with most modern operating systems including Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Anyone with the need to store vast amounts of information in a very small physical space will appreciate the Store-It drive’s ability to keep the equivalent of 2,700 floppy disks (1.44Mb); 4,000 high resolution digital photos (1MB) or 1,000 songs (MP3); all in a package only 54mm x 89mm x .15mm thick, and weighing less than 2 ounces (55 grams).

“The safest way to prevent data from being accessed by unauthorized parties is to personally carry it with you. The diminutive size of the Store-It drive makes this practical,” said Brian Campbell, President of Pexagon.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, the world’s leading producer of one-inch hard disk drives, provides the embedded 4GB Microdrive for Store-It. Hitachi’s 4GB Microdrive uses ultra-miniaturized components, including a read-write head that is half the size of its predecessor and results in reduced power consumption, higher shock performance and greater recording capacity.

“Hitachi’s Microdrive sets the standard for mobile hard disk drive technology by combining huge storage capacity with low power consumption and reliability in a compact physical package,” said Becky Smith, Vice President, Marketing, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. “Pexagon’s innovative use of the Microdrive in its new 4GB Store-It reaffirms Hitachi’s leadership position in the high-growth area of storage miniaturization.”

With a built-in USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface (1.1 backward compatible), simply plug the attached USB connector into any USB port and the Store-It appears as a removable drive. No extra cables or power adapters are required because the Store-It is powered directly from the USB port.

Store-It can be accessed just like any other hard drive or flash drive; just drag and drop any data files, pictures, movies or applications onto the drive and they will be copied automatically to the Store-It drive. It’s a great way to back up important information or to keep sensitive content from intruding eyes.

The anticipated street price of the 4GB Store-It drive is $199.99.