New eXplorist Magellan GPS’s Offer PC-Style File Management

New eXplorist Magellan GPS’s Offer PC-Style File Management


Magellan unveiled 3 new GPS receivers today with the ability to connect to a PC to download waypoint data from popular Geocache sites such as Instead of printing out the directions for a cache, users can download the info directly to their eXplorist GPS.

The GPS’s also have a SD card slot to store and retrieve waypoints, routes and track logs. Each of the 3 units comes in a rugged waterproof case with a 2.3″ display. In addition they are all WASS/EGNOS certified with a 3 meter accuracy.

List of features new to the eXplorist line

* The exclusive PC-style file management feature that allows users to create multiple files, folders and directories to store and maneuver through information in a PC-like structure.

* The ability to calculate an area and perimeter simply by marking points on the map screen.

* The Magellan geocaching manager software, a one-of-a-kind solution that simplifies geocaching, one of the fastest growing GPS applications so customers no longer need to print information from a website and manually entering GPS coordinates in a GPS receiver, but can load information to an eXplorist instead so its accessible where it’s needed most – to guide them to cache treasures.

* All three models feature a high-speed USB data port to upload geocache coordinates and optional maps

The new products came in 3 different flavors:

eXplorist 400: $299.99
– white-cased
– four-level grayscale

eXplorist 500: $399.99
– color screen.

eXplorist 600: $449.99
– color transflective TFT screen
– a barometer
– altimeter
– thermometer
– 3-axis electronic compass (which eliminates the need to be in motion to get a direction heading)