iPod In Your Car With Pioneer: CD-IB100 Adapter

iPod In Your Car With Pioneer: CD-IB100 Adapter


I have been searching for a solution to plug my iPod into my car for quite some time. The quality of the FM Transmitters just doesn’t cut it for me. Those tape hookups? Forget it, they are horrible! Pioneer felt this pain too and developed an adapter for their recently produced car stereos.

The CD-IB100 works with the IP-Bus in Pioneer head units allowing you to control your iPod through your cars in dash stereo. It also scrolls up to 8 characters of the artist and song title. Future Pioneer units will allow multi lined text to scroll across their panels.

So lets say you have a compatible head unit; how much is it going to cost you? About $140 when the unit comes out in March of 2005.

See press release below.

Take Tunes On The Road With Pioneer iPOD Adapter
Most Compatible iPod Adapter Available Makes It Easy for 10 Million iPod Owners to Access Their Music in the Car

The 10 million owners of iPod portable music players in the United States can celebrate that a new product introduced today by Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. enables them to play thousands of songs from an iPod® directly through their car stereo. The adapter works with the IP-Bus system in more than 3 million Pioneer car stereos, including all of Pioneer’s new car stereos being introduced at this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show.

“Portable digital music players like the iPod® are no longer a passing trend, but are part of the digital lifestyle. Consumers love their iPod® music and they want to take it with them everywhere, including the car,” said Michael Townsen, director of marketing for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “More than 10 million iPods have been sold since October 2001. Consumers of iPods are also Pioneer mobile product customers seeking a safe way to access that music in the car. Now they can with one quick connection to the CD-IB100.”

Easy to Install/Easy to Use

Through Pioneer’s IP-Bus system, the CD-IB100 is backwards compatible with more than 3 million Pioneer car stereos sold during the past several years. Users will be able to operate their iPods as easily as they would using the stereo unit, by means of the stereo’s front panel controls. Pioneer stereos will display up to eight characters of text including album, artist and song names, with the ability to scroll additional information. While an iPod® is docked to the CD-IB100, the adapter will charge the internal battery of the player so the iPod® will have plenty of juice in the battery when arriving at a final destination.

With select 2005 Pioneer audio video units, the adapter provides enhanced features including multi-line display and list search, taking advantage of the additional display real estate.

Great Sound Quality

The CD-IB100 adapter also takes full advantage of Pioneer’s audio enhancement capabilities such as Easy Equalizer (EEQ) and Bit Media Expander (BMX). Pioneer radios with the built-in EEQ feature let users adjust the sound from their iPod/iTunes device to their audio preference. Units with the BMX feature automatically restore the harmonics lost during recording of compressed music, giving the listener the same warmth and richness found in the original music.

The CD-IB100 adapter will be available in March of 2005 for a suggested retail price of $140. iPod®, iPod® minis and iTunes® products are sold separately.