Another New PMP: The A2 From Cowon UPDATE

Another New PMP: The A2 From Cowon UPDATE


We don’t have any details on this Cowon device yet, only photos. We will keep you updated when we get more info on this new portable media player.

UPDATE: Some details have surfaced from a powerpoint presentation. The device will probally come in 20GB and 30GB models. It seems like it supports only USB 1.1 (yuck).

Supported video codecs: Divx 3.11/4/5, WMV 9, Xvid. (I’m sure it must play mpeg?)
Supported audio codecs: OGG, MP3, WMA 9
Supported Picture Formats: BMP, JPEG

Back in October Cowon announced the iAudio M5 portable Mp3 player which had amazing play time on a single AA battery. Well, lets hope they transferred this technology to their new PMP player, the A2.