Super G3 Not So Super, Says Samsung

Super G3 Not So Super, Says Samsung


Last week we informed MobileMag users about NTT DoCoMo and 26 of their closest friends who banded together to draw out plans to develop a new infrastructure for data transfer dubbed “Super 3G”. Well, Samsung and many others didn’t join in on the hoopla. They claim that it is just a “DoCoMo event” trying stray away from standardization. Samsung stated that it is hardly distinguishable from the 4G project.

As someone that keeps up with technology I would tend to agree with the point on standardization. By keeping things standard they become less complicated for end users. Why not pool all resources together to help further the already in development 4G?

From Telecoms Korea website:

A Samsung official said Monday, “Super 3G plan seems to be a part of NTT Docomo’s global strategy. It is not the first time that telecom operators in the world forge alliance. The companies involved in Super 3G project did nothing but declaring their intention of starting something, so we don’t take it seriously. Samsung is already working on global standard of 4G with carriers and handset makers in the world through 4G forum and other channels.”

LG Electronics also said “Considering Docomo has always been the first to develop new technologies but failed in expanding market share due to staying away from global trend of standardization, Super 3G is a part of its efforts to dominate 4G market by drawing attention to a similar project while 4G standardization is under way.”