Hop-On Announces New LCD-Less Disposible Phone: The 1905

Hop-On Announces New LCD-Less Disposible Phone: The 1905


Hop-On has announced their new CDMA disposable phone, the 1905. The phone comes with an audio feedback to ensure error free dialing due to the lack of a LCD. The phone is aimed at being a promotional tool due to its large advertising area, and ability to play back messages after numbers are dialed. The phone should last for 3 hours talk time on it’s rechargeable lithium ion battery.

See press release below.

Hop-on.com, Inc. today announced that it will exhibit its next generation Model 1905 CDMA disposable phone at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show, which runs from January 6 to 9, 2005 in Las Vegas. This new CDMA2000 version is a tri-mode handset that operates on the 800 MHz (AMPS & CDMA) and 1900 MHz (CDMA) frequencies. It is Hop-on’s lowest cost CDMA handset with the distinguishing characteristic of not having an LCD screen. Instead, Hop-on has built in an audio feedback feature when dialing numbers to ensure error free dialing. The audio feedback is available in any language and the phone has a rechargeable, lithium ion battery. Since there is no LCD screen, this handset is ideal for promotional applications because there is a sizeable area for advertising or co-branding and it can be programmed to playback a customized message along with the phone number. This phone is targeted to CDMA carriers and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s) in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and portions of Eastern Europe and Russia. For more information about this phone, please visit the Company’s website, http://www.hop-on.com.