PalmOne to Help Shed Your Christmas Turkey

PalmOne to Help Shed Your Christmas Turkey


PalmOne to Help Shed Your Christmas Turkey

I, like many other North Americans, ate my face off this Holiday Season and it is starting to show. PalmOne, a popular company that specializes in software for the PalmOS, wants to help you with your New Years resolution to get in shape. Three new pieces of software have been released to help you gauge and track your carbs, plan your Diet, or access your Weight Watchers online account.

You can order the software here.

From the palmOne website:

* Atkins Carb Counter — Atkins Carb Counter is one of the first Atkins-branded software applications designed to help on-the-go people monitor their daily carb intake by providing information they need to follow a controlled-carbohydrate lifestyle. The Atkins Nutritional Approach(TM) is a scientifically validated nutritional strategy for weight control and better health based upon controlling carbohydrate consumption.

* Keyoe Diet & Exercise Assistant V6.0 — Diet & Exercise Assistant lets users select a standard diet plan: low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat or customize your own plan. New features include a 10,000 food item database; logbook to track meals and exercise; nutrient tables to compare food consumption to daily goals; color charts and graphs; body fat calculator; daily journal; optional desktop application with handheld synchronization; and much more.

* Weight Watchers On-the-Go — With Weight Watchers On-the-Go, subscribers have access to a robust set of interactive weight-loss tools for their handheld devices to help them stay on track. Weight Watchers On-the-Go is the only mobile weight loss application that synchronizes with an individual’s web-based account via the Internet, so that plan information is kept up-to-date between the handheld and the user’s account — no double entry required.