Wi-Fi hacker gets 9 years

Wi-Fi hacker gets 9 years


Lowe’s, one of the largest American home improvement super stores was hacked into by 21-year old Brian Salcedo back in 2003. Salcedo and his accomplice Adam Botbyl, used a car in one of the Lowe’s parking lots equipped with several Wi-Fi antennas and special tools. They managed to retrieve enough information from an unsecured access point in the Lowe’s building to grant them access to the Lowe’s national computer system, with this access they installed a back door to capture credit card information.

Botbyl pleaded guilty for participating in the scheme and was sentenced this past Thursday to 26 months in prison followed by 2 years of parole. Salcedo was sentenced to 9 years in prison, the longest period of time ever sentenced to a computer hacker, even Kevin Mitnick was only sentenced to 5 years and 8 months.

Paul Timmins, Botbyl’s roommate, who was also arrested was later exonerated by the FBI. Timmins told Mobilemag, “My identification was based off a credit check on Adam Botbyl, and the fact that my car was in the same parking lot. Based on that, they improperly identified me as his passenger, rather than Brian Salcedo.” Since Timmins had nothing to do with the security breach, he was advised to plead to a misdemeanor for checking his e-mail over Lowe’s network.

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