First Zigbee-enabled Mobile Handset

First Zigbee-enabled Mobile Handset


The World’s first Zigbee capable mobile phone was unveiled this week by Pantech & Curitel, and what a better place to do it then at the Zigbee Alliance Festival held at the Seoul Marriott Hotel.

Zigbee is a 2.4Ghz short-range wireless technology that can control your home or deliver building and industrial automation. With a prototype Zigbee enabled P1 handset, controlling electrical appliances, checking environmental settings like humidity and temperature, receiving SMS message updates if there are security intrusions or anything of that sort will be possible thanks to Zigbee technology. Airbee is one of many manufacturers working to bring more Zigbee enabled control devices for almost any situation.

Although it may sound boring to control an industrial HVAC system, this type of technology would allow for a home-automation standard to be widely adopted within the next few years.