RIM 7520 Bluetooth-enabled Blackberry available at Nextel

RIM 7520 Bluetooth-enabled Blackberry available at Nextel


RIM will be sending the BlackBerry 7520 with Bluetooth-technology over to Nextel retailers just in time for Christmas. The 7520, which sells for $299 USD, will allow wireless Bluetooth-enabled headsets and car kits to be connected. GPS and E911 are also supported; police, fire and rescue teams can locate your device in the event of an emergency and dispatch to your exact coordinates. Direct Connect, a PTT type service for the Blackberry will let you instantly connect to all other Nextel near by or as far away as Latin America and Canada.

New Features of the BlackBerry 7520 from Nextel:

– Bluetooth capabilities – for wireless headsets, earpieces and car kits

– Enhanced attachment viewing – view and store JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF files and save images directly from attachments for easy viewing

– Increased memory – 32 MB flash memory plus 4 MB SRAM to provide ample storage for data and applications

– Full wireless PIM synchronization – enables automatic wireless synchronization of calendar, contacts, email notes and tasks

– Bright, backlit color screen (supports over 65,000 colors) – easily view information at-a-glance and control backlight intensity and duration up to two minutes.

– GPS-enabled – designed to help police, fire and rescue to determine device location in the event of an emergency

– Powerful Mobile Applications – supported by new Java Development Environment for BlackBerry v4.0

– Design Enhancements – larger keypad, scratch-resistant metal bezel and exclusive Arctic Black color