Top Ten Wireless Services Analyzed

Top Ten Wireless Services Analyzed


The top ten wireless services in the World have been analyzed by Research and Markets and summarized according to their average revenue per unit (ARPU). They only list five of these ten services, the rest are available in the complete report.

These services are said to offer the highest ARPU and make the most impact on consumers purchasing patterns:

– a mobile TV and video service, which is driving 3G take-up and revenues
– an SMS service that achieves double the ARPU of most operators
– a set of bundled voice tariffs that has achieved dramatic increases in voice usage and revenues
– a voice service that is achieving true displacement of fixed lines
– an integrated WLAN/cellular service, that gives the best of both worlds

The report also includes answers to the following questions:

– Which wireless services are the most successful, and why?
– Which are generating the most customers, ARPU and profitability?
– Which are the future stars?
– How do they do it – service content, marketing, pricing, handsets?
– How could they be improved?
– How could their success be reproduced in other markets?
– Who should read this report?
– Mobile operators: identify the services that are leading the way in driving revenue (and profit). Understand the key factors in reproducing and improving their success in your market
– Handset and equipment vendors: understand the factors that will drive growth of network infrastructure and terminals to support wireless services
– Investors: identify growth opportunities in wireless services