South Korean Students Burned for SMS Cheating

South Korean Students Burned for SMS Cheating


If anyone has a chance of cheating with their mobile phone and being caught by the Cyber Crime Investigation Squad, it would be in South Korea. After tracing SMS messages by phone numbers and matching them with test times, investigators were able to uncover evidence of over 350 South Korean students that were swapping answers back and forth on their mobiles last week. This may not be the end of it either, they suspect up to 600,000 students in total to be involved in this type of text-message cheating. Others are being questioned for paying college students to take exams in their place using fake identification.

A more knowledgeable student taking the exam, or somewhere in the college monitoring the test, would transmit answers to multiple-choice questions to pre-arranged receivers.

“It is more devastating than sad,” said a parent of a student who took the exam this year. “I’m very worried about the future of our country because students don’t seem to care about the process but only the results.”

It is more sad than it is devastating, in South Korea of all places, they have to use text-messaging, such a common and easily observable method of transferring information. They should have had miniature Presidential style ear pieces, while one person broadcasts answers to students via FM signal, others can send back questions from their clip on mic to a main hub in a van or something down by the river, with Google access.

The photo below shows the Cyber Crime Investigation Squad viewing the captured SMS messages on their jumbo spy-like display.