Uniden ELBT595 Bluetooth Capable Home Phone System

Uniden ELBT595 Bluetooth Capable Home Phone System


Uniden is planning to release a Bluetooth capable wireless phone system for home use in March of 2005. The ads and photo on Uniden.com are slightly confusing, it looks like a mobile phone, and their ad says “Cordless? Cellular? Both Please.” on the main page, but what they are referring to is the auto-switching Bluetooth headset capabilities.

If you use a Bluetooth headset for your cellular phone, you can just as easily use the same headset to answer calls on the Uniden Bluetooth system. They have several models listed on their website, they all look to have the same features. The ELBT595 and ELBT585 are the main phone base station systems, the ELX500 is an extra handset to add to the above base stations, since they will support up to 10 of them. They run on 5.8Ghz frequency, feature USB connector for software updates, 100 Caller ID / 100 Phonebook Names / 400 Numbers database, Recordable/Preset Ringer Tones, Downloadable/Preset Picture Displays and 5 Different LCD Backlight Options.

The handsets come with a ringer record cable, my guess would be sor you can input any audio source to record your ringtone. No price is set yet on the ELBT595 or ELBT585 Bluetooth-enabled cordless base stations.