Pantech GI100 Mobile Phone with Biometric Fingerprint Recognition

Pantech GI100 Mobile Phone with Biometric Fingerprint Recognition


Pantech has launched the first mobile phone with fingerprint recognition technology and 1.3 megapixel camera. The Pantech GI100 uses advanced biometric technology to send an authorization key when a registered fingerprint touches the phone. It can also be programmed to store a different key for each of your 10 fingers, thus allowing you to “Secret Finger Dial” 10 individual numbers depending on which finger you touch to the sensor.

The phone also keeps no log of any phone call made from a registered signature, making it extremely confidential and soothing to those who suffer from mass paranoia. And for those who like to play games, there is car racing, slot machine and match making games, which are all operable by the finger sensor instead of the normal way of pushing keys.

Some of the important features to mention are video wall papers, allowing you to show video clips on the main and sub LCDs when the phone is idle or set a unique video to play depending on the incoming caller and GSM Dual Band 900/1800 MHz, GPRS Class 10, WAP 1.2.1, SMS/EMS/MMS and Java.