IBM, Sony and Toshiba develop super Cell chip

IBM, Sony and Toshiba develop super Cell chip


The IBM, Sony and Toshiba treo have teamed to design a new multicore 64-bit power processor chip dubbed, the cell. It sounds a little sci-fi to me, let’s hope they don’t bring in J-Lo for this one, or I will start to get worried. The Cell processor will use multiple synergistic processor cores capable of massive floating point processing.

Important Cell processor design features:

— Multi-thread, multicore architecture.
— Supports multiple operating systems.
— Substantial bus bandwidth to/from main memory, as well as companion chips.
— Flexible on-chip I/O (input/output) interface.
— Real-time resource management system for real-time applications.
— On-chip hardware in support of security system for intellectual property protection.
— Implemented in 90 nanometer (nm) silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology.

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