Motorola A630 on T-Mobile USA

Motorola A630 on T-Mobile USA


The Bluetooth-enabled Motorola A630 has been sent over to T-Mobile USA for mass distribution, the device is an excellent example of how the Blackberry has affected even the largest manufacturers in form and functionality. It looks like a standard mini cell phone with a small external 96 x 48 LCD display and a 4X Zoom VGA camera, but inside is a whole other story.

Unfolding the A630 will reveal a QEWRTY keyboard with the ability to send text messages and email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4), instant messages (via AOL IM, ICQ or MSN) and pictures (taken from the integrated camera). The major drawback is the limited 5MB of memory space; don’t expect to be saving much information or many photos on it. Downloading games and HiFi MP3 ringers will be quick and easy with GPRS, it also has an external speakerphone which is automatically enabled when the device is flipped open.

The Motorola A630 is selling for $199 online at T-Mobile, with a $100 mail-in rebate, the same price that T-Mobile has on the Sidekick II.