GSM takes 74% share of global wireless market GSM takes 74% share of...

GSM takes 74% share of global wireless market GSM takes 74% share of global wireless market


3G Americas has reported that GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), has taken account for 74% of the global wireless digital communications market. The growth rate is largely contributed by the Caribbean, North, Central and South Americas large adoption for the network, their use rose 124% this year. There are now over 1.18 billion global customers using GSM, five times more than CDMA.

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GSM Leads Growth Among Wireless Technologies in the Americas

Bellevue, Washington — 3G Americas reports that GSM continued its tremendous growth rate in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean with an annual gain of 124%, more than doubling the number of GSM customers in the region from September 2003 to September 2004. GSM added over a quarter of a billion customers worldwide since last September, five times more than CDMA which added the second largest number of new wireless customers, with GSM ending the third quarter with 1.18 billion global customers. GSM now accounts for 74% of the global wireless digital market.

In the third quarter 2004, GSM gained more customers than any other wireless technology in the Western Hemisphere by adding 13 million customers. The region has been averaging 12 million new GSM subscribers per quarter this year. GSM is now deployed or planned in every country in the Western Hemisphere with 167 operators throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, GSM grew by more than 191%, nearly tripling its customer base from a year ago to more than 44 million subscribers. Erasmo Rojas, Director of Latin America & the Caribbean for 3G Americas stated, “3G Americas is confident that GSM will continue to excel in its growth throughout Latin America. We expect GSM to surpass the number of TDMA customers to become the number one wireless digital technology in Latin America in 2005.”

EDGE, which is a leading 3G technology choice in the Americas and has been chosen for 3G service by more than 100 operators in over 75 countries worldwide, has been launched on 40 networks. In the Western Hemisphere, this includes nationwide service in the U.S., Canada, five Caribbean countries, and by seven operators in top Latin American markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela.

UMTS/WCDMA is also showing solid growth. At the end of Q3 2004, the number of UMTS customers worldwide reached 10.7 million up from 1.7 million customers at the end of Q3 2003. The adoption of UMTS will continue as numerous operators around the globe ready their networks to provide customers with this leading 3G service; more than 50 UMTS networks have been launched to date. According to EMC, there are more than 100 commitments to UMTS technology in various stages including commercial, pre-commercial, planned, in deployment or licensed.

Data is based on figures from EMC World Cellular Database.