VoodooPC Mobile Gaming Notebook

VoodooPC Mobile Gaming Notebook


VoodooPC is releasing a bright and bodacious looking notebook targeted to gamers. The Voodoo ENVY M:790 is built like a desktop, with a Pentium 4 560 processor up to 3.6 GHz, Nvidia Geforce Go 6800 PCI Express video card, SATA Raid support and DDR-2 Memory.

It should handle most games on the market considering you will dish out a minimum of $4400 USD for one of these things, you may need some Voodoo tricks to help pay for it.

See press release below.

VoodooPC Crams Desktop Technology into a Notebook PC

VoodooPC, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high end personal computers announces the worlds most ridiculous notebook – Voodoo ENVY m:790.

VoodooPC, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance personalized computer systems, today announced the launch of the first notebook featuring next generation, upgradeable PCI Express Graphics.

“The Voodoo ENVY m:790 is like a fast desktop computer stuffed inside a notebook chassis,” said Rahul Sood, President and CTO, VoodooPC. “With next generation components like DDR-2 Memory, Serial ATA RAID, Nvidia Geforce Go 6800 PCI Express Video, and Intel’s Pentium 4 560 processor, it redefines notebook performance to an entirely new level.”

The Voodoo ENVY m:790 is the latest entry into the gaming notebook category. The performance of this unit is nearly twice as fast as its nearest competitor, the graphics module is upgradeable, and it supports all of the latest technologies you would normally see in a desktop PC.

“The future potential of the Voodoo m:790 is huge,” said Richard Watson, director of sales, VoodooPC. “With a removable video module, we have the potential to install various graphic options including gaming and workstation based solutions. Serial ATA RAID increases our hard drive throughput dramatically, and the option for two Dual Layer DVD Writers is flat out insane. I don’t think the big OEMs know what’s about to hit them.”

Mobile gaming is being embraced by gamers all over the world. With the Voodoo ENVY m:790, there are no issues running the latest games with the highest level of detail, and the upgradable PCI Express platform makes it the most versatile notebook yet.

VoodooPC is known for building some of the worlds finest computer systems. Voodoo ENVY is one of the leading brands of notebook computers in the world. More information and official specifications is available at www.voodoopc.com.