Sony Japan Unveils Aiwa XDM Branded MP3 Players

Sony Japan Unveils Aiwa XDM Branded MP3 Players


Three new digital audio players were unveiled last week from Sony under the Aiwa brand. The players will be constrained by the Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and by a special driver that needs to be on your computer when installing the SonicStage audio transfer application. Sony loves putting themselves in a position where it’s either our way or the highway. The three players will support ATRAC3plus, ATRAC, and MP3 playback, the models are the XDM-S700 (256MB), XDM-S500, (128MB) and the Bluetooth-enabled XDM-S710BT (256MB).

The XDM-S500 and S700 both have FM Tuners, while the S710BT does not, but will support Bluetooth headsets. Sony is on the right track, but they still have a long way to go before they take any substantial market share, get rid of the proprietary software, I don’t even need to mention DRM, then we may have something here.

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