Western Digital WD Passport Rugged Pocket Storage

Western Digital WD Passport Rugged Pocket Storage


Western Digital has revealed the new WD Passport, a rugged pocket-sized 80GB portable USB 2.0 storage solution. If it weren’t for it’s ruggedness, this would be like any old external drive enclosure.

The WD Passport uses the WD Scorpio 2.5-inch hard drive that comes factory designed with a stainless-steel cover, it is rated as highly shock tolerant and is capable of withstanding 250 Gs of shock during operation and 900 Gs when not. It also uses DuraStep Ramp technology, this locks the heads to provide additional shock protection.

The drive is in pre-order status now, it is expected to ship to customers by December 24th if it is pre-ordered before November 30th. It looks like a decent solution if you are worried about data-loss and need extra security. The 40GB version will set you back only $199 USD and the 80GB $249, if thats too expensive, then stop throwing your damn hard drives around.

See press release below.

WD Simplifies Data Storage for Travelers With Small, Rugged USB Drives

WD Passport Portable USB Hard Drives Provide 80 GB of Pocket-sized, Plug-n-play Storage

Simplifying transport of large quantities of digital content and information, Western Digital Corp. today unveiled its new WD Passport Portable USB Hard Drives. With no need for a separate power supply (for most systems), WD Passport Portable Drives, available in capacities of 40 or 80 GB, are easy to use anywhere — simply plug and go.

WD Passport Portable Drives are outfitted with high-performance, low-power consuming, cool and quiet-running WD Scorpio 2.5-inch EIDE hard drives, a rugged, protective case and Data Lifeguard protection to provide maximum safeguard from data loss.

WD Passport Portable Drives were designed to serve as a digital file briefcase by enabling owners to add instant extra storage; slip the drive in their pocket for on-the-go convenience; back up their notebook computers for extra data safety; easily share files between computers; and lock up the portable hard drive for extra security. An 80 GB WD Passport Portable USB Drive can store approximately 20 2-hour DVD-quality movies or over 1,300 hours of music.

WD Passport Portable Drives will be available at retail stores next month. For customers who prefer the ease of online shopping, WD’s new Portable USB drives may be pre-ordered via the company’s online store (www.westerndigital.com/wdpassport). Customers who pre-order a WD Passport Portable Drive by Nov. 30, 2004, are eligible to receive free shipping with delivery scheduled on or before Dec. 24, 2004, making WD Passport Portable Drives available as a holiday gift for travelers. Full details of this promotion are available on WD’s online store. Suggested retail pricing for WD Passport Portable USB Drive 40 GB capacity is $199 (USD) and $249 (USD) for 80 GB.

WD Passport Portable Drives are able to withstand the rigors of mobile professionals and other users who prefer to take their data with them. Safety tests make them one of the few external drives with certification to meet all applicable safety requirements. A product specification sheet and photos of WD Passport Portable Drives are available on the company’s Web site.

“No one does more to safeguard customers’ data than WD,” said Lonnie Arima, vice president and general manager for WD’s retail products group. “Only a hard drive manufacturer has the in-depth expertise to design enclosures that protect users’ data. And only WD combines Data Lifeguard data protection with WD Scorpio 2.5-inch hard drives — the most rugged and reliable 2.5-inch hard drive in its class — to deliver a portable USB hard drive dependable enough for our customers to consider it the portable file for their digital life.”