Miltope Cabin Access Point offers First 54 Mbps in-Flight Wi-Fi

Miltope Cabin Access Point offers First 54 Mbps in-Flight Wi-Fi


I guess the old myth of electronic devices interfering with plane controls is a bunch of hogwash. If you can allow a 54 Mbps wireless hotspot in flight, then I’m sure most consumer electronics would be safe to use (not that I am suggesting to attempt any use of non-airline rated electronics). The platform has been designed around the Colubris CN3200 wireless router, the new device is called the Miltope Cabin Access Point (CAP), it will be set for installation on commercial airlines worldwide.

The Cabin Access Point using Colubris’ technology is the most advanced aviation wireless product of its kind with two tri-mode 802.11a/b/g radios and the latest Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security. It was the only product of its type to pass rigorous aviation environmental stress testing.

“VT Miltope and Colubris worked together developing the products that handled the first successful in-flight VoIP phone call and video conference earlier this year on a Lufthansa Airline flight,” said Barry Fougere, president and CEO, Colubris Networks.

“Now, we are working to improve network speeds while meeting or exceeding aviation quality guidelines. Our product was tested under extreme conditions. It was baked, frozen, drowned and survived a brutal vibration test – like getting hit with a hammer over and over again. It still worked flawlessly.”