Fujitsu Lifebook N6010 10lb 17-incher

Fujitsu Lifebook N6010 10lb 17-incher


Fujitsu has announced their first 17-inch notebook computer this week, the LifeBook N6010. Aside from being able to watch movies in widescreen format, having a 17-inch LCD screen is not in high demand on laptops according to analysts.

The N61010 will use the Intel Pentium 4 Processor 538 with HT, operating at 3.2 GHz and come in harddrive variations up to 100 GB. The two downers of having such a huge screen is battery life and weight; the N61010 will weigh in at around 10.2 pounds!

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Fujitsu Creates Digital Entertainment Center with Its First 17-Inch Screen Notebook

LifeBook N6010 notebook delivers desktop performance and suite of new features

Fujitsu Computer Systems today announced the LifeBook N6010 notebook with a 17-inch wide-aspect screen allowing consumers to watch movies in their original widescreen format, immerse themselves in video games, or multi-task by viewing several documents side-by-side.

The LifeBook N6010 notebook combines advanced multimedia capabilities, high performance and a competitive price, making this digital entertainment center the ideal solution for families, students and others who demand more than traditional computer usage from their multimedia notebook. With features such as integrated media panel, stereo speakers and a custom sub-woofer, as well as a separate 10-key keypad, users achieve desktop capabilities with the portability and convenience of a notebook.

The 17-inch wide-screen display delivers up to a 40-percent greater viewing area than a traditional 15-inch notebook display to increase the utility of the notebook. This makes the LifeBook N6010 notebook ideal for working in more than one software program or tasks such as comparison shopping on the Internet. Fujitsu incorporates a Crystal View display, delivering bright and crisp images with rich vibrant colors. The media panel above the keyboard allows users to easily control their media such as toggling between audio and video.

“As consumers continue to embrace notebook computers as the home’s primary computing solution, the need for an affordable, multi-functional notebook with space-saving design features becomes a key decision factor,” said Paul Moore, director of product marketing for mobile computing at Fujitsu Computer Systems. “The LifeBook N6010 notebook goes a step further by offering desktop performance, a large screen and multimedia features in an elegant design that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the budget. It is the ideal digital entertainment appliance.”

The LifeBook N6010 notebook is available with features for rich multi-media delivery. The TV tuner option includes Instant MyMedia software to give users access to a range of features, including the ability to view TV and DVDs or listen to music CDs without booting up the notebook; pause and record live TV onto the hard drive or a DVD; and transfer existing VHS tapes to DVDs. With the use of the remote control, these activities can be managed from the comfort of your sofa. Further complementing these multimedia features is an optional Multi-Format DVD Writer, allowing users to download movies from a digital camcorder and burn them on virtually any DVD format. An integrated Memory Stick/Secure Digital media card slot adds to the notebook’s flexibility.

To achieve power rivaling a desktop PC, Fujitsu has outfitted the LifeBook N6010 notebook with an Intel Pentium 4 processor operating at 3.2 GHz and supporting Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology. HT Technology enables a single processor to function with the same capabilities as two, boosting performance and allowing users to multitask more effectively. Combined with 128 MB of dedicated graphics memory, the notebook does not sacrifice multimedia performance. Users can also choose up to a 100 GB hard drive, the largest available hard drive on a notebook computer, and up to 2 GB of dual channel DDR memory.

This desktop replacement includes a suite of connectivity features, including built-in modem and Ethernet as part of the standard configuration. For maximum mobility, Fujitsu has included Atheros Super AG wireless (802.11a+b/g) LAN.

LifeBook N6010 Notebook Specifications

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Processor 538 with HT operating at 3.2 GHz
Display: 17.0-inch wide XGA+ Crystal View display
Memory: DDR 333; 2 DIMM slots, 2 GB maximum
Hard Drive:¹ 100 GB, 80 GB, 60 GB, or 40 GB (4200 RPM) and 60 GB (5400RPM)
Optical Drive: Multi-Format DVD Writer or DVD/CD-RW
Communications: Modem and 10/100/1000 Base-T/TX Gigabit Ethernet LAN
Wireless: Atheros Super AG wireless (802.11a+b/g) LAN
Card Slots: One Type I/II
Media Slot: Memory Stick / Secure Digital (SD) slot
Ports: Four USB 2.0, IEEE 1394, S-video out, external monitor, modem (RJ-11), Ethernet (RJ-45), and headphone and microphone jacks
TV Tuner model: IR receiver, Antenna input, Composite video or S-Video input, RCA left and right audio input
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home or Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Dimensions/Weight: 15.9″ (W) x 11.6 ” (H) x 1.7/2.08 ” (D) / 10.12 lbs. with standard battery