Users to get more bandwidth with Bluetooth 2.0

Users to get more bandwidth with Bluetooth 2.0


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today announced the adoption of Bluetooth core spec. v2.0 with enhanced data rate. The rates are expected to increase bandwidth up to three times the current levels; however this will not enhance the range. Specifically, Bluetooth 2.0 will allow for devices to complete simultaneous large file data transfers at 50% the power consumption of the original Bluetooth standard. It will also be backwards compatible with previous specifications.

The main features of Bluetooth Core Specification Version 2.0 + EDR are:

– 3 times faster transmission speed (up to 10 times in certain cases)
– Lower power consumption through reduced duty cycle
– Simplification of multi-link scenarios due to more available bandwidth
– Backwards compatible to earlier versions
– Further improved BER (Bit Error Rate) performance