Ducati Extreme Motorcycle Released

Ducati Extreme Motorcycle Released


MFORMA Group has launched Ducati Extreme, a motorcycle racing game for mobile phones. The game is expected to be immediately available directly from mobile service providers in North America and Europe.

You can choose from 7 classic and modern bike models, even the championship winning 999 Superbike is available for you to destroy. The game is setup with three levels, Amateur, Intermediate, and Professional with nine tours in Italy including Milan Autostrada, Piedmont, Po Valley, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscan Autostrada, Veneto, Calabria, and Centopasi.

Each race you win will increase your earnings so you can upgrade your tires, suspension, engine, or exhaust. The graphics look good and it should perform well on newer smartphones, it is unclear if you can race head-to-head against other users, or if you just compete for best time.