Microsoft Smartphone Backup Software Released

Microsoft Smartphone Backup Software Released


Sprite Software today announced a new version of their popular backup software for Smartphones. Sprite Backup 2.0 for Smartphones will allow you to save important data with a simple interface via connected or wireless activesync’s and restore it to a new phone or just save it somewhere to set your mind at ease.

The new Smartphone version is available for $29.95 and has a free trial download, Sprite Software also has a Pocket PC and Symbian S60 backup solution.

Sprite Backup for Smartphone includes the following features:

Simple and effective user interface

It couldn’t be easier to backup what you choose.

Fast Backup operation

Backups are created with minimal disruption to your workflow.

Backup and Restore personal and system data

Select whether to backup everything or only personal data or system data.

Unparalleled reliability

Restore your Smartphone to just the way it was.

Backup to host PC

Backup directly to your host PC or a Network using the convenient PC Agent. You can backup when connected via ActiveSync or any form of wireless networking (Win XP and Win 2000 only).

Upgrade Mode

Now you can restore a backup file from a previous ROM version, or even from another phone entirely. This takes the hassle out of upgrading your phone, or replacing it with a new one.

Automatic backup file management

Sprite Backup can automatically delete old backups according to your settings to prevent unnecessary clutter.

Password Protection

Protect your data by using Sprite Backup to encrypt your backups.


Compress backup files to conserve valuable storage space.