Nokia 6630 3G Smartphone Ships

Nokia 6630 3G Smartphone Ships


The new Nokia 6630 megapixel smartphone is the first phone to combine 3G and Edge in a Series 60 platform. Nokia will be shipping the tri-band, dual-mode handset throughout the world, it is designed to work on 3G (WCDMA), EDGE and 2G (GSM 900/1800/1900) networks but with a 500 euro price tag.

The Series 60 software platform combined with the WCDMA radio interface offers unparalled benefits for Nokia 6630 business users. With thousands of applications available for the Series 60 smartphone platform, the Nokia 6630 can be customized to meet the demanding needs of today’s mobile workforce. The mobile broadband capacity of WCDMA networks also enables the Nokia 6630 imaging phone to show high quality, real-time video streaming and to support video call on its bright color display.

Nokia 6630 users can be constantly connected to their e-mail as well as automatically receive an alert of incoming e-mail. E-mail attachments can be downloaded and viewed at mobile broadband speeds of up to 384 kbps, and e-mail can be sent with speeds of up to 128 kbps. To enable secure access to corporate Intranets or e-mail servers while on the move, the Nokia 6630 also supports the Nokia Mobile VPN client, available in the standard sales package.

With the built-in memory and in-box MultiMediaCard (MMC), the Nokia 6630 features 74 MB of memory, making it easy to store images, videos, music and other multimedia content. The Nokia 6630 smartphone incorporates a 1.3 megapixel camera* and 1 to 6x variable digital zoom for picture and video capture. Its wide array of imaging features also include manual brightness and contrast adjustment, sequence mode for fast picture capture, up to 1 hour of video recording as well as a manual and automatic video editor. The Nokia 6630 also supports wireless printing directly from the handset utilizing solutions by HP and Kodak. In addition to wireless printing, the MMC can easily be extracted from the side of the phone and inserted into a compatible printer.

The Series 60 smartphone platform allows flexible customization of the Nokia 6630 to enable easy access to network operator services as well as providing developers with new application development opportunities. Weighing 127 g and measuring 110 x 60 x 21 mm, the Nokia 6630 is the lightest globally available megapixel dual-mode phone for GSM and WCDMA networks.