CDMA450 may achieve fastest mobile data speeds in Finland

CDMA450 may achieve fastest mobile data speeds in Finland


The CDMA450 network trial is scheduled to take place today in Finland, it is expected to achieve data service speeds of up to 2.4 Megabits per second, the fastest in the country. In addition to the trial, a showcase of 3G CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO wireless technologies deployed in the 450MHz spectrum for business customers will be shown.

From press release: “Lucent is using laptops equipped with wireless modem cards and mobile phones to demonstrate high-speed access to e-mail, Intranets and the Internet; streaming audio and video; video conferencing and surveillance; push-to-speak capabilities; seamless roaming between WiFi and CDMA450 networks; mobile video gaming; and applications for specific vertical industries such as forestry. Lucent also is conducting interoperability testing with other vendors’ networking equipment to demonstrate the compatibility and flexibility of its solutions.

CDMA450 is an ideal technology for providing voice and high-speed data services in countries with vast territories because it can cost-effectively provide superior capacity and coverage with fewer wireless base stations than competing technologies.

Lucent, the first to deliver CDMA450 solutions globally, has deployed commercial networks in 450 MHz spectrum for Delta Telecom and Moscow Cellular Communications — both part of the Sky Link initiative in Russia — Zapp in Romania, Uzbek Telecom in Uzbekistan and Vietnam Power Telecom, and is conducting numerous CDMA450 trials with customers around the world.”