Jens of Sweden 24K Gold MP-400

Jens of Sweden 24K Gold MP-400


Jens of Sweden today unveiled their high-class MP-400 Excentrique MP3 player with 24-carat gold plating, it will be available only in 1GB versions in limited quantities and cost $1100 USD.

The Excentrique model is the exact same as the standard MP-400 released last week, except in gold of course. It will play MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG or live radio from the built-in FM tuner. A graphic STN 96 x 63 mm OLED screen in blue and orange, built-in lithium battery with 20 hour playtime and a mini USB 2.0 hi-speed port.

“We live in an age when jewellery increasingly has more than one function. Jens of Sweden is not an electronic product to keep in your pocket, it is an accessory to adorn your neck, and this is the most exclusive music jewellery in the world today,” says Jens Nylander, founder and CEO of Jens of Sweden.