First 125Mbps 802.11G Wireless Turbo to Powerline Router

First 125Mbps 802.11G Wireless Turbo to Powerline Router


Corinex Wireless has released a product that will allow you to setup an 802.11G wireless router anywhere in your entire home or building by simply plugging it into the power outlet. The Powerline Router G will also solve several problems for wireless service providers, hard to place and obscure locations can get a strong wireless hotspot within 400 feet of the router.

It will support NAT, PPPoE, Static Routing Protocol and VPN tunnel passing. Standard 802.11G is 54Mbps, with the new Corinex it can be increased to 125Mbps by simply enabling the Broadcom Afterburner turbo mode. The Powerline Router G also has a built in SPI firewall and will support many advanced management capabilities.

Available immediately from Corinex resellers and distributors, the Powerline Router G lists for $187 USD, and will probably sell for around $140.

In the Powerline setup diagram below, a Wireless Router G will connect to an Ethernet Wall Mount. From there it will receive data signals over the power line using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM).