PalmOne Treo 650 Arrives

PalmOne Treo 650 Arrives


The PalmOne Treo 650 Smartphone with high-resolution screen, Bluetooth, swappable battery and extended multimedia capabilities was officially announced today. A smart move by palmOne to make two models, one a dual-band CDMA/1xRTT and the other a quad band capable 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for GSM/GPRS and Edge networks.

A new 320 x 320 LCD was selected for the 650, it will provide users with a clear, rich display of text and videos. The Bluetooth functionality will allow for wireless headsets (wireless conferencing or mp3 listening), printers and wireless back-ups to Bluetooth enabled computers. They have also improved the integrated digital camera, with better sensitivity in low-light situations, as well as video capture capabilities.

It looks as though palmOne is staying one step ahead of RIM, as they are adding MP3 and video functionality to their mobile communicators, something that RIM has failed to do with new releases of their BlackBerry communicators. Their BlackBerry 7100 series did mark a point of change for RIM, as Bluetooth, a larger (240 x 260) and higher resolution display, and a new SureType QWERTY keyboard was added to the design, but it was still lacking multimedia capabilities and expandable memory, the new Treo 650 will also support SD and MMC cards.

The Treo 650, with 312MHz Intel XScale processor is expected to be available from carriers in the USA by the end of this year, and through-out the rest of the world by early 2005, no price was set.

Treo 650 Specifications

Wireless radio
• GSM/GPRS model: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz world phone
• CDMA model: 800/1900 MHz nationwide digital phone

• Intel PXA270 312 MHz processor

• 23MB user-available stored non-volatile memory (22MB multi-lingual)

• Removable rechargeable lithium ion battery
• GSM/GPRS model: Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 300 hours standby time
• CDMA model: Up to 5 hours talk time and up to 2 weeks standby time

Operating System
• Palm OS 5.4

• 4.4 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches
• 11.3 x 5.9 x 2.3 cm

• 6.3 oz. / 178 grams

• Color TFT touch-screen
• 320 x 320 resolution
• 16-bit color (displays over 65,000 colors)

• Supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCards

• RealPlayer included – requires SD memory card, sold separately
• Stereo audio headset compatible – requires a stereo headset adapter, sold separately, for use with standard stereo headphones

Digital Camera
• VGA with 640×480 (0.3 megapixels) resolution and automatic light balancing
• 2x zoom
• Self-portrait mirror
• Captures video

Additional Features
• Full backlit QWERTY keyboard with number pad
• 5-way navigation button
• Speakerphone
• Polyphonic MIDI ringtones
• Infrared port
• External ringer on/silence switch
• Vibrate mode
• Stylus
• Keyguard
• 2.5 mm headset jack supports stereo audio
• customizable side button