LCD shipments reach record high

LCD shipments reach record high


An interesting report from was released today, it focuses on Small and Medium LCDs and how well they are doing in different types of devices on the market. This can also be translated to which devices are growing in popularity. LCDs set a new record in earnings for manufacturers this year, $4.5 billion, up 47% from this time last year. The market, being mainly driven by mobile phones, shipped 58 million displays/month this year.

Statistics from the report

Mobile phone main displays grew 10% Q/Q vs. a forecast of 1% in Q2’04 to a record 58.0 million units/month, up 10% Q/Q and 37% Y/Y. Monochrome displays lead the volume with 24.1%, down 7.8%; 1.8″ CSTN followed at 14.2% share and flat Q/Q, and 2.2″ a-Si TFT LCDs had a 13.0% share, which was up 78.6%. By technology, CSTN had a 41.2% share, followed by a-Si at 27.0%, MSTN at 24.1% and LTPS at 7.6%. The leading suppliers were Samsung SDI at 21.3%, Philips at 15.5%, and Epson at 13.1%. Mobile phone displays are expected to increase 5% Q/Q in Q3’04 to 60.6 million/month.

PDA module
shipments grew 10% faster than expected, increasing 13.1% Q/Q while rising 26% Y/Y to 1.4 million units/month. 3.8″ a-Si QVGA panels lead the category with a 24.6% share followed by 3.8″ QVGA LTPS at 19.6% share. By technology, a-Si took over the lead with a 37.0% share followed closely by LTPS at 35.1%. The success by palmOne in its new Treo offerings contributed to the change. ST-LCD continued to lead this segment followed by Sharp and Wintek. However, ST-LCD lost share due in large part to the change in direction at Sony, which is no longer shipping Clies in North America. PDA displays are expected to decrease 3% Q/Q in Q3’04 to 1.3 million/month.

Automobile monitor module shipments grew 9% faster than forecast in Q2’04, rising 13.7% Q/Q and 37% Y/Y to 928K panels/month. The 7.0″ size leads the category with a 44.6% share followed by 6.5″ at 33.5%. The growth is a function of entertainment displays, which are very popular in North America, where car navigation systems have yet to gain a strong foothold. The leading suppliers were TMDisplay at 43.1%, Sharp at 34.5% and AUO at 10.3%. Automotive monitors are expected to increase 1% Q/Q in Q3’04 to 935K/month.

Digital still camera module shipments grew 11% faster than forecast in Q2’04, rising 13.1% Q/Q and 26% Y/Y to 6.6 million panels/month. The 1.5″ size dominates the category with a 40.0% share for a-Si and a 33.1% share for LTPS. The leading suppliers were Casio at 27.9%, Sanyo at 20.0% and AUO at 18.9%. Digital Still Camera modules are expected to increase 10% Q/Q in Q3’04 to 7.3 million/month.

Digital video camera module shipments grew 13% faster than forecast in Q2’04, rising 12.8% Q/Q and 2% Y/Y to 1.5 million panels/month. The 2.5″ size dominates the category with a 50.1% share for a-Si and a 48.2% share for LTPS. The leading suppliers were ST-LCD at 30.8%, AUO at 16.7% and TMDisplay at 15.3%. Digital Video Camera modules are expected to decrease 10% Q/Q in Q3’04 to 1.3 million/month.

Amusement module shipments rose 31.9% Q/Q to 2.7 million panels/month. Games dominate the category with a 64.0% share, which also includes pachinko machines at 12.6% and DVD players at 24.3%. The leading suppliers were Sharp at 71.3%, and TMDisplay at 13.0%. Amusement modules are expected to increase 10% Q/Q in Q3’04 to 2.9 million/month.

In terms of total small/medium shipments on a unit basis, Samsung SDI continued to lead, as shown below, and gained ground as Philips lost share due to the drop in MSTN mobile phone shipments.

Small/Medium LCD Shipment Share and Growth By Supplier (Unit Basis)

Market Share Q2’04 Growth
—————- ————–
Small/Medium Supplier Q1’04 Q2’04 Q/Q Y/Y
SDI 20.1% 21.3% 17% 89%
Philips 19.3% 15.5% -12% -3%
Epson 13.3% 13.1% 8% -16%
Sharp 10.9% 11.4% 16% 130%
Wintek 5.7% 5.5% 6% 193%
Samsung 5.3% 6.3% 31% 441%
Other 25.3% 26.8% 16% 22%
————————————- ——– ——- ——- ——
Total 100.0% 100.0% 10% 38%
————————————- ——– ——- ——- ——