Motorola A1000 Videocall Phone on 3

Motorola A1000 Videocall Phone on 3


3 will offer the Motorola A1000 1.2 megapixel camera phone in Italy starting tommorow. The phone features a 2.9-inch display and will be the only smartphone to support UMTS videocall service for live video conferencing to other A1000 users. The phone will set you back 500 euros, or only 99 euros if you subscribe to the monthly plan.

See press release below.

3 introduces the Motorola A1000, the first smartphone in the world that supports videocall services

Available in Italy starting from tomorrow the first UMTS videophone with 1.2 Mega Pixel resolution camera.

Starting tomorrow in Italy, and soon in the other global markets where Hutchison provides UMTS services under the 3 brand, the new Motorola A1000, the only smartphone in the world that supports videocall services will be available.

The Motorola A1000, is the first UMTS videophone with a double-integrated camera to take pictures with 1.2 megapixel resolution and to record video. Despite its small size and weight of only 160 grams, the Motorola A1000 has a large latest generation touch-screen display with 65.000 colours enabling users to see full screen pictures, videos created with the phone, “La Tua TV ” programs, VideoGoals, VideoNews and other multimedia content from the 3 Portal.

The 2.9 inch display allows fast and easy access to 3 services and, thanks to a dedicated window, users can immediately control SMS, e-mail, MMS, keep track of appointments and consult the voice and video message center. All of the important information is available at a glance.

The Motorola A1000 has Symbian Operating System and allows users to view MS Office documents such as Excel, Word and PDF, and to surf the Web at speeds of up to 384 kbps, with performances very similar to those of ADSL connections. Thanks to the Opera browser, it’s possible to access the whole range of mobile services on the 3 Portal and to web pages directly on the videophone display.

Its elegant and modern design combined with avant-garde performance, makes the Motorola A1000 the ideal device to handle daily activities with precision and flexibility through applications like agenda, index books, notes and activities.

The Motorola A1000 makes a true Mobile Office possible. Thanks to the Virtual Private Network client, it is possible to access the company network quickly and securely (Outlook, shared folders, devices, etc.), to create more than one e-mail profile, to receive e-mail and to see attachments – all on the videophone.

The Motorola A1000 is the smallest Smartphone with UMTS technology, and in addition is GSM and GPRS triband, offering an AGPS integrated system, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, with a 24 MB internal memory expandable to 280 MB with a removable card. The high capacity battery included in the package allows up to 200 hours in stand-by mode, 225 minutes of voice calls and 105 minutes of Videocalls.

Finally, the two sharp polyphonic speakers, makes the Motorola A1000 a real music player with high audio quality.

In Italy, the Motorola A1000 is priced at 499 euros. However, customers who subscribe before November 14th to a TuaNove, TuaExecutive or TuaSempre plan, will receive the phone free of charge, paying a subscription fee of only 99 euro.