FlashPoint USB Computerless Data-Transfers

FlashPoint USB Computerless Data-Transfers


Xmultiple has designed a new technology called FlashPoint, this technology will allow for users to send data from one FlashPoint device to another FlashPoint device, or to any flash memory based drive currently on the market. With both male and female USB connectors, you simply connect any old flash memory keychain, press the transfer button, and your files get sent over to the other device.

Current flash memory devices on the market sadly have no way of transferring files to you, this would only work for sending files, unless another FlashPoint device is present, then you can exchange files both ways.

Unforunately, Xmultiple will not be selling these devices mainstream, they are primarily technology developers and plan to license this technology flash memory manufacturers, however they are offering pre-order sales of prototype models on their website, a 512MB version will run you $95. The Delkin USB Bridge is a similar product already on the market, however it is strictly for transfering from one USB device to another, it has no internal storage and is alot bigger in size.