Sprint Trials Telular Phonecell SX5T Terminal

Sprint Trials Telular Phonecell SX5T Terminal


Sprint this week began testing the Telular Phonecell SX5T CDMA2000 1X fixed wireless terminal. The SX5T is plugged into your standard RJ-11 telephone jack, it then connects you to the wireless network allowing you to use your mobile phone service instead of the landline service in your home. No price is decided on the terminal, Sprint only sent out 2000 of these in five cities for trial.

See press release below.

Telular Corporation Announces Market Trial with U.S. Wireless Carrier for Phonecell Fixed Wireless Terminals

New CDMA2000 1X Terminal Provides Residential Telephone Service

Telular Corporation today announced a market trial of a custom version of Telular’s Phonecell SX5T CDMA2000 1X fixed wireless terminal. Two thousand units of the new product are being marketed by Sprint in five cities. The product connects existing wireline telephones, fax machines and analog modems to the cellular network, and features high voice quality and E-911 compliance.

“Sprint is our first customer for the Phonecell SX5T terminal,” said Ken Millard, chairman, president and CEO of Telular. “We have worked closely with Sprint in defining and developing a product with the right feature set to address fixed telephone service in the home using the wireless network.”

The Phonecell SX5T terminal allows homeowners to take advantage of using wireless service instead of landline service in the home. A consumer simply plugs the Phonecell SX5T terminal into an ordinary home phone jack to enable devices connected to the same phone line to work through the wireless network. The Phonecell SX5T terminal connects not only to ordinary telephones, but also to other devices, such as fax machines and the dial-out port of satellite television receivers and digital video recorders. The terminal is designed to be self-installed by the homeowner.

The Phonecell SX5T terminal features Telular’s patented RJ-11 interface that emulates the local phone company, providing dial tone and services such as Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Hold. The new product includes GPSOne positioning technology for E-911 Phase 2 compliance as well as TDD/TTY for the hearing and speech impaired.

The Phonecell terminal will be available during the market trial through Sprint wireless retail stores in selected markets, including Charlotte, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Richmond and San Antonio.

“Wireless number portability and improved wireless network quality are encouraging many consumers to replace their landline service with wireless service in order to cut their phone costs and simplify billing,” added Millard. “The Phonecell SX5T makes this possible.”

Telular did not disclose the terms of the contract.