Navman iCN 510 Pocket-sized Portable GPS

Navman iCN 510 Pocket-sized Portable GPS


The Navman iCN 510 is a sleek pocket-sized navigation device designed more for personal navigation. With a high-resolution (320×240), 3.5-inch touch-screen QVGA display, packed inside a temperature-resistant magnesium case for durability and a reliable integrated, high-precision GPS antenna for consistency and pinpoint accuracy.

Inside is a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, 32MB of flash memory and an SD/MMC expansion slot for adding another gig of map data if needed.

It runs on Navman’s SmartST Software, capable of address-to-address routing, zip code searching, town-to-town routing function, route summaries, enhanced zoom, multiple views, automatic and manual zoom for showing increased map detail, day and night screen modes, points-of-interest library, voice or visual driving instructions and 3-D map display for increased visuals.

The iCN 510 will sell for $449.95 USD immediately.

Some new features in Navman’s award-winning SmartST Version 3 software;

· Detailed Trip Planner: allows users to plan and optimize detailed trips with up to 12 destinations; users can easily change the order of planned stops while en route.

· U.S. Base Map: complete U.S. base map provides details for all major interstates and highways, as well as select primary roads. Users can now load select cities along their route and still easily navigate to their destination.

· Points of Interest (POI) Import: enables users to customize individual POIs, or create their own POI databases; the user can also download other specialized POI databases from third-party websites.

· Improved Map Topography: street maps now contain a topographic polygon display for colorful elevation relief.

· Nearest POI: helps users determine the nearest gas stations, shops, movie theatres, camping sites, hotels, historical sites, etc., from the iCN 510’s pre-installed database containing tens-of-thousands of POIs.

· Active My POI™: allows users to set alarms alerting them to the proximity of a specified custom POI.

· 2D mini-map: new mini-maps enhance the text-only instruction view on the turn-by-turn navigation screen.

· Latest 2004 Map Data: the iCN 510 includes the latest TeleAtlas road network data release for the most up-to-date navigation experience. Address information is also displayed while driving as locations are passed.

· Improved Routing Options: provides users with an unprecedented level of routing control such as specialized options like routing via ferries, and a sliding percentage preference scale for options like quickest/shortest routes, preference for freeways and urban roads.