Intel Plans Laptops Future with Opitcal Connections

Intel Plans Laptops Future with Opitcal Connections


At the Intel systems technology lab in Tokyo, developers are working on a way to replace copper ribbons in notebook computers and servers. The technology is still a long ways away, Intel’s senior systems technology director says five to ten years, but the capability to transmit data at multigigabit speeds over distances less than half a meter may be worth the wait.

The optical interconnect technology will use tiny lasers that transmit data over fiber-optic cables, which is traditionally used today (in a larger scale of course) for routing data over thousands of kilometers, across cities and countries all over the world. Aside from the high-speed internal data transfers the optical interconnect will provide, Intel is also looking at costs, this new technology could be made for about $5 to $7 while a copper ribbon costs about $10 to $15.

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