Microsoft Pocket Streets 2005 Announced

Microsoft Pocket Streets 2005 Announced


Today Microsoft announced the new version of Microsoft Pocket Streets 2005, it offers Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone users about 300 detailed maps of the North America and 275 of Western Europe. Some new added features aside from the new maps, like advanced scale, locate a business by keyword search in your area and find the closest ATMs and transportation facilities, check the press release below for further details.

See press release below.

Microsoft Pocket Streets 2005 Availability

Microsoft released Pocket Streets 2005, location-enabled software for smart connected devices, in retail stores throughout North America and on the Microsoft Product Information Center Web site at for an estimated retail price of $24.95.

The availability of Pocket Streets 2005 mobile mapping software addresses the growing need for people who are ‘on the go’ to access customizable maps and find points of interest on demand with Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones. Detailed maps of the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Greece are available for free download on the Microsoft Web site at

What’s new with Pocket Streets 2005?

· Retail availability: Pocket Streets 2005 is available as a stand alone product in major retail stores and contains the Pocket PC and Smartphone versions. Previous versions of Pocket Streets were only available by purchasing a downloadable version from or with the purchase of a Microsoft mapping product, such as MapPoint, Streets & Trips, or AutoRoute. The retail version of Pocket Streets 2005 will come with approximately 300 North America maps and 275 Western Europe maps right in the box.

· GPS for Smartphone: Pocket Streets 2005 features GPS functionality for the Smartphone application. Previous versions of Pocket Streets only had GPS functionality in the Pocket PC version.

· New Maps: Pocket Streets 2005 customers will be able to download new maps for Australia, Brazil, and Greece. These maps are only compatible with Pocket Streets 2005 and have not been available previously.

· New Scale Feature: Pocket Streets 2005 now features a measurement scale to help customers more accurately utilize the maps and get a better idea of distance between locations.

· Improved User Interface: Pocket Streets 2005 for Pocket PC features an updated user interface to make it easier for customers to locate the information they need, switch between maps and GPS information, and open maps without going through the file manager every time.

What can you do with Pocket Streets 2005?

· Take maps to-go: Quickly download free maps from the Internet for more than 575 cities in North America, Western Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Greece or access to highly rated, accurate maps while on the go. In addition, you can download custom maps from your MapPoint or Streets & Trips program.

· Find the nearest cash or transportation in a flash: Pocket Streets has an extensive list of bank ATMs and public transportation sites built into the maps. Use points of interest to change categories of landmarks that you’re trying to locate.

· Let Pocket Streets take you to dinner: If you’re having trouble deciding where to eat, select Find Place and then type in whatever you’re craving. Entering “Italian” will return a list of restaurants with “Italian” in their name, and entering “pizza” will return a list of pizza places in the neighborhood.

· See where you are in an unfamiliar city: With Pocket Streets and a GPS device you can see your exact location (latitude and longitude) on your Pocket Streets map, updated every second.

· Customize it: Customize Pocket Streets maps with pushpins and Find Nearby places to show your personal points of interest.