M-Systems plans 256MB MegaSIM Chip

M-Systems plans 256MB MegaSIM Chip


The MegaSIM, from M-Systems, is only in concept stages right now, but within a year it will most likely be in every GSM mobile phone that hits the street. It will easily add extra storage space to (U)SIM or UIM slot handsets, up to 256MB worth, by simply changing SIM cards.

This will make things easier for users switching devices and transferring all their information like contacts, MMS’, emails, docs and just about anything else over to your new device. It will also be a great advantage for mobile operators; they can simply bundle software, applications, games and such on one simple secure single-chip solution.

On the up-side, an expansion slot (SD, TransFlash or MMC) can be removed from the devices design and replaced with a GPS tuner or something similar while still keeping a compact and stylish design. On the other hand, we don’t know the cost of these chips yet, hopefully they will be kept in a realistic price range, the technology will be new, but users can’t justify paying much for only 256MB of one type memory, when it is available in another type for much less.

“We believe that the integration of SIM card functionality with secured, high capacity data storage offers a better, more secure data solution as well as cost advantages over the pairing of memory cards and SIM cards,” said Mishael Agami, general manager of M-Systems’ Data Trust division.