Net2Phone VoiceLine XJ100 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

Net2Phone VoiceLine XJ100 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone


Net2Phone will offer the VoiceLine XJ100 Wi-Fi handset as their first wireless VoIP telephone. The XJ100 will allow for roaming onto corporate, public and residential Wi-Fi networks, incoming calls can be received or just dial the toll-free number in your area to make outgoing calls.

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Net2Phone Announces Availability of Wi-Fi VoIP Service

Wi-Fi Handset is First in a Series of Mobile and Flexible VoIP Wireless Broadband Telephony Products for Service Providers

Net2Phone today announced availability of the first product in its suite of wireless VoIP solutions for service providers globally, enabling them to empower residential and corporate users worldwide with wireless VoIP applications. The VoiceLine XJ100 Wi-Fi Handset takes advantage of the features and functionality of Net2Phone’s VoiceLine broadband telephony service, extending the ease in which service providers can offer SIP-based hosted wireless telephony services to their customers as an enhancement to their existing product set.

“By removing the tether from wireline services, we have extended the availability of VoIP to customers who have access to wireless broadband,” said Stephen Greenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Net2Phone. “By enabling service providers with a Wi-Fi VoIP solution that builds upon our existing broadband telephony solutions, we have created one more method to enhance their service offering to their customers.”

The VoiceLine XJ100 Wi-Fi Handset enables users in corporate, residential and public Wi-Fi network environments to benefit from VoIP calling. The service enables both inbound and outbound calling and allows users to choose from a U.S. local, U.S. toll-free or U.K. toll-free telephone number, no matter where they reside globally. In addition, the XJ100 supports a wide range of telephony features, including voice mail, Caller ID and call forwarding. We expect other future products in the Net2Phone Wi-Fi suite to include a softphone client that enables PDAs, desktop and laptop computers with Wi-Fi VoIP service.

Demand for wireless IP local area networks or Wi-Fi (802.11) continues to grow, with Pyramid Research projecting 700 million Wi-Fi users globally by 2008. Wi-Max, an extended wireless broadband network reaching as far as 25 miles, is becoming a viable alternative for customers to receive high-speed Internet access in rural areas and in areas where wired broadband is not an option because of low high-speed data availability. By extending its retail VoIP offerings to the wireless environment, Net2Phone is riding the wave of wireless broadband deployments by offering a bundle of telephony in conjunction with a high-speed wireless data offer.

Wireless VoIP extends the existing reach of voice and data services by removing the necessity for copper or fiber last-mile access to the Internet. Net2Phone routes all calls over wireless IP networks to its SIP-based platform, which performs call management, provides Class 5 features, billing, provisioning and enhanced services as well as facilitating access to the PSTN. In doing so, Net2Phone offers service providers an affordable mobile telephony solution together with a complete set of features and functionality for their end users.

Net2Phone’s wireless VoIP solutions seamlessly integrate with a service provider’s front and back office systems allowing partners to offer a bundled solution of voice alongside their other product offerings. Target partners for the service include Wireless ISPs (WISPs), and OEMs.