Sharp adds 4GB harddrive to SL-C3000 Linux PDA

Sharp adds 4GB harddrive to SL-C3000 Linux PDA


Next month Sharp plans to ship their latest Linux-based 416MHz Intel XScale Zaurus PDA in Japan. The SL-C3000 will be the first PDA in the world to offer a hard drive. It features a 4GB microdrive, 64MB SDRAM, 16MB of Flash ROM and a fairly large 3.7-inch VGA LCD display. Having a qwerty keyboard and this size storage will make it feel like a super mini notebook, especially when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The design of the SL-C3000 is very much different than the first Zaurus Sharp released, the SL-6000, it looks as though they are listening to consumer demand and not sticking with a specific style of product like many other manufacturers do, kudos to Sharp.

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