Dell Pocket DJ and DJ 20GB MP3 Players Released

Dell Pocket DJ and DJ 20GB MP3 Players Released


Dell yesterday unveiled their portable new mp3 players, the DJ 20GB (DJ-20) for $249 and the Pocket DJ 5GB (DJ-5) for $199. Both units will be available beginning November in the USA.

Do the new Dell players compete with the popular HP iPod and iPod Mini? If not, Dell may soon offer them with custom computer system configurations as a value added feature, it will be tough to hold a ground in the fast-growing mp3 device market. If they can keep the DJ-20 under 0.6-inches thick, it may go somewhere, unfortuantely Dell hasn’t released the specs.

Many portable mp3 players were released this week, the Creative Zen Micro 5GB, Virgin Player 5GB and Mpio HD300 20GB mp3 player for $279.99, all still stand a good chance to take a larger market share (Apple still holds the record with the iPod).