MPIO Unveils three MP3 Players

MPIO Unveils three MP3 Players


MPIO today unveiled three new portable audio players, the FL300, FY400 and HD300, all of which are available immediately online from MPIO or in Best Buy stores.

The FL300 claims to be the World’s smallest and lightest MP3 player, it can be worn as a necklace jewel and comes in 128MB or 256MB sizes and has a copper and chrome coating. The elegant FL300 will sell for $99 and $130.

The MPIO FY400 will be available in 128MB, 256MB and 1GB capacities. It features a retractable USB connector and can deliver 20 hours of playback on a single AAA battery. Prices range from $120 to $220 for the FY400 series.

Finally, the beast of the latest MPIO players, the HD300, with a 20GB hard drive, you can store 1000s of tracks and keep playing for 16 hours on a single charge. The 20GB MPIO HD300 will sell for $279.99.

See press release below.

MPIO Introduces Three MP3 Players for All Digital Music Fans

Digitalway MPIO (, a leading global brand of portable digital audio devices, today announces the availability of three new stylish, high performance MP3 players. Delivering the ultimate in high quality sound and design for all kinds of digital music enthusiasts are: MPIO FL300, the world’s smallest and lightest MP3 player; MPIO FY400, a full function, USB-Retractable MP3 player; and MPIO HD300, an all-in-one hard disc MP3 player.

“MPIO has achieved worldwide success, and is thrilled to be launching three new portable MP3 players in the United States,” said Marcelino Kim, U.S. president and CEO, Digitalway/MPIO. “We have developed user-friendly MP3 players combined with added functions in sleek, stylish designs to appeal to all kinds of digital music enthusiasts. Consumers will surely appreciate the cutting edge features and extraordinary value of the MPIO FL300, FY400 and HD300, each high performance MP3 players.”


For those seeking a sleek and stylish MP3 player, the MPIO FL300 weighs less than an ounce and is half the size of a pack of gum. This sapphire blue MP3 player is available in two different capacities -128MB and 256MB. The MPIO FL300 also features a clock and alarm, and consumers can use it as a digital recorder to capture more than eight hours of voice or music. This chic MP3 player also doubles as USB storage; just plug the device into your PC or Mac and take advantage of high capacity portable storage for files of any type.

Unlike ordinary MP3 players made of a plastic finish, the MPIO FL300 is copper coated with chrome. Together with its multi-mirror coated front panel and white LED backlight, the FL300 has a more luxurious and elegant look. Its stylish design and colors coordinate with any music lover, any place and any time, and is sure to satisfy fashion leaders as a digital accessory.

MPIO FL300 comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery. Users can recharge the player simply connecting MPIO FL300 to their computer’s USB port, and enjoy up to 10 hours of playback time. It also offers a seven- band equalizer (EQ) (six-mode preset EQ and one user-defined EQ) and Philips Sound Effect, famous for its signature sound quality, deep bass and 3D sound effect. The MPIO FL300 comes bundled with a carrying case and armband for “on the go music” in style.


For those music and data-intensive enthusiasts seeking a full-function flash MP3 player, the MPIO FY400 features an MP3 player, FM tuner, voice recorder, data storage and a convenient retractable USB connector. With the FY400’s distinctive retractable USB, users don’t have to have to carry a USB connector or cable to connect to a computer. Simply slide the built-in retractable USB connector and put it in any computer’s USB port. The computer automatically recognizes the MPIO FY400 as a disk, without installing anything additional. The sleek silver FY400 is available with 128MB, 256MB and 1GB capacities.

The MPIO FY400 delivers 20 hours of playback on one AAA battery — the longest time among similar Flash MP3 players — thanks to the system’s Automatic Power Management System. Additionally, with its four-line LCD, eye-catching orange backlight, easy-to-use five-directional key, volume dial, and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI), users easily control all functions at their fingertips for accessing their favorite tunes. And with FY400’s Philips Sound Effect, seven-band EQ (six preset and one user set), users can enjoy premium quality 3D sound with dynamic bass.

As a voice recorder, users get premium sound quality from Voice Operated Recording (VOR) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) functions. Also, with FY400’s integrated FM tuner, users can auto-scan, preset, store and record any FM radio station with ease. As a portable USB 2.0 Flash storage device, users can quickly store and carry any kind of files at the fast transfer rate of 16 Mbps.


For those hard-core music enthusiasts wanting a hard-disk drive player, the sleek and slim MPIO HD300 is an all-in-on HDD-type MP3 player that also features an FM tuner, voice recorder, data storage and a massive 20GB to store 5,000 four-minute songs in WMA or MP3 formats. Whereas competing players only offer the MP3 function, the MPIO HD300 does it all — and boasts an industry- leading 16 hours of playback time.

Users can encode limitless MP3 files with the silver MPIO HD300 directly from any music source — CD, cassette and LP — and store them to the portable audio player. SRS Wow Sound, seven-band EQ (6 preset and 1 user set), and 30mW stereo output, deliver premium quality 3D sound with dynamic bass in a user-friendly package. With its eight-line LCD, striking indigo blue backlight, easy-to-use four-directional touch sensor button, and intuitive GUI, users can easily control all functions at their fingertips even without reading a user’s guide. MPIO HD300 automatically categorizes up to 5,000 songs by artist, album, genre and title, and also supports play lists so you can always find the specific tune you’re looking for.

The built-in FM tuner supports auto-scan, auto-preset and channel storage functions, and allows users to save and record their favorite FM stations. As a voice recorder, users will benefit from VOR premium sound quality and AGC functions. As a high-speed portable USB storage device, users can store and carry 20GB of any file type — or about 35 full-length CDs! And with its ultra-fast transfer rate of 128 Mbps, it takes only one minute to download a full length CD to the MPIO HD300. It also has additional features like a clock and alarm.

Additionally, MPIO HD300 comes with “Walk Office,” a revolutionary new approach to business productivity for anyone who spends time away from their desk. The unique combination of cutting edge technologies allows easy, secure productivity from any computer, any time. The award-winning Walk Office is an affordable suite of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics applications that seamlessly open, edit and save directly to the corresponding Microsoft® Office file format. Walk Office Write, Calculate and Show allows users to effortlessly exchange files with friends and co-workers using Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It’s unique, pure Java architecture enables it to run on Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Walk Office also features integrated, Internet-based file sharing and storage with end-to-end security.

The MPIO FL300, FY400 and HD300 each support PC and Macintosh; various music formats such as MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG; and Napster, MSN, RealNetworks, MusicOne, MusicMatch, among others using Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Pricing and Availability

The MPIO FL300, MPIO FY400 and HD300 are now available at Best Buy stores nationwide and at MPIO’s online store at The FL300 is available for a U.S. suggested retail price (SRP) of $99.99 for 128MB and $129.99 for 256 MB. The FY400 has an SRP of $119.99 for 128MB, $149.99 for 256MB, and $219.99 for 1GB. The HD300 is available for an SRP of $279.99.

Product specifications for MPIO FL300, FY400 and HD300

MPIO FL300 features:
* Blue device in a copper finish coated with chrome
* Multi-mirror front panel with negative LCD and white backlight
* Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery
* Up to 10 hours of battery life
* Supports MP3, WMA and ASF music files
* Built-in voice recorder
* Powerful music navigation
* Store or transfer files of any type
* Enhanced Philips Sound Effect, 3D sound effect, and 6-band EQ
* Upgradeable to future formats and features
* Dimensions: 1.18″(W) x 1.96″(H) x 0.5″ (D)
* Weight: 0.98 oz

MPIO FY400 features:
* Sliding type retractable USB connector
* Up to 20 hours of battery life using 1 AAA battery
* 3 different capacities (128MB, 256MB, 1GB)
* Fast transfer rate using USB 2.0 interface
* Built-in voice recorder
* 4-line wide FSTN LCD with yellow backlight
* Supports MP3, WMA and ASF
* Built-in integrated FM tuner
* Powerful music navigation
* Store or transfer files of any type
* Enhanced Philips Sound Effect, 3D sound effect, and 7-band EQ
* Upgradeable to future formats and features
* Dimensions: 1.18″(W) x 3.14″(H) x 0.82″(D)
* Weight: 1.30 oz.

MPIO HD300 features:
* Holds up to 5,000 digital music songs
* Anodized aluminum finish
* Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery
* Up to 16 hours of battery life
* Ultra fast 128 Mbps transfer rate using USB 2.0 interface
* Supports MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG music files
* Integrated FM tuner
* Built-in voice recorder
* Intuitive GUI interface, 4-directional touch button
* Store or transfer files of any type
* Premium quality 3D sound effect, 7-band EQ
* 8-line LCD with indigo blue backlight
* Store or transfer files of any type
* Upgradeable to future formats and features
* Dimensions: 2.36″(W) x 4.09″(H) x 0.66″(D)
* Weight: 5.6 oz.