Samsung Unveils SGH-D500 Digital Slider Phone

Samsung Unveils SGH-D500 Digital Slider Phone


The new tri-band SGH-D500 from Samsung will be first seen this year in Europe. The 1.3 megapixel integrated camera will allow for decent sized photos, the best part is Samsung has added 80MB of storage to the phone, once released, it could very well have the largest amount of integrated memory in a phone on the market.

Unfortunately, there is no expansion lot for additional memory, so you can fill up that 80MB pretty quickly listening to MP3s and AACs on the built-in music player.

See press release below.

SAMSUNG Unveils its New Digital Integrator – the SGH-D500
Find mobile empowerment in the inspired innovations of
SAMSUNG’s Digital Integrator, the SGH-D500

Seoul, Korea — Samsung’s history of innovation in European mobile communications has been witnessed with the introduction of TFT color screens, soft-touch slide-up phones, built-in megapixel digital cameras, intenna (built-in antenna) technology and the revelation of 3G in a series of highly successful mobile phones. Now, Samsung combines these technologies to introduce the SGH-D500, a multipurpose Megapixel slider on the cutting edge of business communications.

Samsung unveils the D500, a new addition to its European mobile phone line-up which supports everything from business to entertainment, from the technology oriented young generation to fashionable people who are looking for more stylish and ease-of-use design.

The D500 integrates the pinnacle of Samsung’s industry leading innovations with a host of quality features, including a soft-touch slide-up design; an intenna; 80MB storage capacity; a 1.3-megapixel camera with flash; video recording and messaging; Bluetooth, email, and syncML connectivity; 64 polyphonic ring tones; an enhanced voice clarity and speakerphone; a bright 1.9-inch, 262,144-pixel TFT-LCD screen and an MP3 music player.

The 1.3-megapixel camera not only allows users to take pictures, but also gives them creative freedom with the availability of 10 embedded special effects and emoticons. The significantly bright flash and digital linear zoom smoothly catches the best moments to remember.

The 80MB of storage supports and expands the business capabilities of the user. The dynamic shared memory allows people to store over 1,000 megapixel images, capture 60 minutes of video, save 15 to 20 MP3 or AAC songs, enter up to 60 minutes of voice recording or just use the space for receiving and sending attached files.

With a variety of sync options, the D500 supports Email Client, vCard and vCalendar for quick information transfer. It has advanced MMS, Java and WAP 2.0 capabilities as well as USB and SyncML DS. In addition, the D500’s Bluetooth technology provides users with the power of a Personal Area Network to immediately improve communication channels, increase productivity, make data sharing and synchronization easier, supply instant access to key information and create the freedom to work when and wherever business needs arise. In particular, Bluetooth solutions in wireless headsets and hands-free car kits allow users to talk easily and comfortably anytime, anywhere.

The D500 also supports video recording as well as plays back video and MP3 files just like a PC with a full range of entertainment options. Fitted with a 60-minute recording capacity, users will be able to capture more of nature’s brilliance or life’s experiences and share the visions and memories in living color. Recording flexibility is offered with a 7x digital zoom for pictures and 4x digital zoom for video.

Samsung will launch the SGH-D500 in the 4th quarter of 2004.

SGH-D500 Specifications

• Band : Tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz)
• Camera : 1.3 Mega pixel Camera with Flash and digital zoom
• Display : 262,144 TFT LCD (176×220 pixels)
• Dimension : 93.5×45.7 ×23.5mm
• Weight : 99g
• Video Recording & Messaging (H.263/MPEG4)
• Music Player (MP3/AAC)
• E-Mail Client / vCard / vCalendar
• MMS / Java / WAP 2.0
• Bluetooth / USB Memory / SyncML
• 64 Polyphonic Ring tones / MP3 Ring tone
• Speaker phone / Voice Clarity